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This is the Routine timer / scheduler you have been looking for. Designed for Kegelling, but adaptable to any exercise routine.

Routine Write is the MOST versatile, adaptable, and customizable Kegelling app available!

Routine Writer lets you Kegel how and when you want.

Now with Progress Reporting and Charting!!

No Ads!

If you like/love Kegel Kounter (FREE), you'll really love Routine Writer.

Unlimited Routines, Actions/Routine, and Schedules.
See your progress
Create Actions
Change Colors
Change the Text (Labels, Messages, Errors, Actions)
Uses the same flexible Routine Builder and Scheduler
Create your own Routines to keep you both Kegelling and exercising.

Build Routines as simple or as complex as you want and Schedule them to keep you Kegelling and healthy!

Routine Writer is the full version of Kegel Kounter and has the same flexible routine editor (without the restrictions) coupled with the equally adaptable scheduler to handle your every timed exercise routine (Kegels or your own design) with no limits.

If you're looking, you already know why you should and how to Kegel.

For some ideas of different routines for Kegelling look at websites like or (no affiliation) and Routine Writer can do it...and More!

Routines are made up of actions performed for a time and repeated. Routine Writer is designed to be flexible so that you can customize your exercises to your needs. You can have as many or as few actions in a 'rep' as desired. The choice is completely yours.

Scheduling is just as flexible and again, puts you in control. You can perform the scheduled events once per day, or more, just specify the start, stop, and time between as needed/desired. Select the days to schedule, and Routine Writer will do the rest! Since we don't all have the same weekends (well most of us do, but not all), you can define which days of the week are YOUR weekend.

The default colors were chosen so that color impaired persons would not be left guessing. but feel free to change because YOU can with Routine Writer.

You can change EVERYTHING in Routine Writer...labels, messages, errors, colors...AND you can CREATE your own actions (like Running, Sprinting, Walking) to fit YOUR exercise needs!

Instructions / Assistance is in the application, and when you no longer need them, you can hide them.

It is my hope that you find Routine Writer easy to use and flexible and helps you to perform your Kegels.

Routine Writer is here to help you to a healthier life.

Additional routines you can create:
Timed stretches, because we don't move enough
Timers to drink water...

Really anything that you want to do on a regular basis, Routine Writer can assist you with.

Thank you for choosing Routine Writer...AND

Happy Kegelling!

The only permission that this application requests is VIBRATE. There are NO adds, I don't collect any person information. I do NOT enable any internet connections or browse any of your information. I can't see it and I can't send it...which is my privacy policy...I don't collect anything EVER, so there is nothing for me use inappropriately.

If you find that any other permission is being requested, well, let's just say, it's not the original.

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