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Without rooting, this program intercepts iMpulse input and allows you to pass different keypresses to your applications! Great for remapping games/apps that allow keyboard input but don't have customization.

If you ARE rooted, this program intercepts iMpulse input and sends it to user mappable TOUCHSCREEN EVENTS!!

Suddenly, 1000's more games become iMpulse compatible, without having to rely on developer support.

This program is based on Locnet's GameKeyboard. It is a stripped down version of GK that is iMpulse specific.

Note: iMpulseGK is free but it does require the purchase and install of the full version of GameKeyboard PLUS (works like a license key). GameKeyboard PLUS is an update to GameKeyboard.

Having "connection to service" issues? Download this latest version to fix.

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