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Birds UP! Start Birds Bubble Mania! Match 3 games

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Starts playing this newly released FREE match 3 game and enjoy this bird’s bubble mania!

If you are fond of match 3 puzzles, if you have the mania to the match 3 puzzles, if you always spend your casual time with match 3 games then download Birds UP! Right now! It’s FREE!

Tired of too many match 3 games? Try Birds UP! Different from other match 3 games, you are going to help birds fly high enough to beat the monsters during your adventure. This bird’s bubble mania game is a combination of match 3 bubble mania game and bird’s pop bubble shooter game.

The adventure started when a flock of birds live on a garden like bubble island and one day the monsters took over the birds’ bubble island. Those fiends gave the birds toxic feed, and took them captive. The rhythmic beat of the surf is descending. However, as they became angry, they found that if they flock together, they'll have the power to fly again. Birds unite together in the air to create the morale and become stronger than the monsters. They want to go back to their bubble island.

Now, it's time for those angry creatures to take back their homeland and escape from those angry fiends!

•Don’t stop your mania playing this best match 3 game: Over 200 exciting puzzles! We are keeping upgrading!
•Eye-catching graphics, luscious animations, and melodious sounds effects to help you win in this pop bubble shooter game
•Enjoy your causal time by sliding your finger with those bubbles like cute birds.
•Play and compete with your Facebook friends! You can also send and receive hearts with your friends!
•Sometimes don’t have the Internet? You can continue your mania journey accompanied with your birds friends! WIFI FREE!
•Get stuck? Don’t worry! Follow your own beats and let our detailed guides to lead you and pay attention to the shaking birds. Just try your best. Don’t forget that birds are trying their best to escape from the fiends monsters and fly back to their bubble island.
•Easy to start up, but challenging to master and get all three stars
•Best choice for kids, girls, boys, and adults

•Match 3 birds to create a morale set and beat monsters! Match 4 or more birds as a combo to gain the special birds toxic bubbles mania. Accumulate the morale points to make the splash.
•Elevate the keys to the top to rescue the birds from those angry fiends
•Each color of bird in the bubble island has its unique skill to help you through the adventure. Upgrade the skills to create your own skill set
•Collect the secret jigsaw puzzles to unlock the birds’ new skills and enjoy more in this birds’ bubble mania
•Try your best to collect more feathers to train the birds for a stronger and more competitive skill set. Don’t let the fiends monsters conquer the garden island.

•Remember to clear your hearts regularly to avoid hearts spilling
•Consider two or three steps ahead
•Try to match 4 or more birds to gain more special birds bubble mania
•Remember to use your birds friends’ skills when the CD is over.
•Results of skill training could be better or worse. You can decide whether to keep the new skill set or not.

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