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Have you ever felt hard to find one game that will remind you the old times of playing those classic games in 1990s?
Have you ever felt hard to find one minesweeper in old school games way?
Have you ever felt lonely when playing minesweeper on your PC?
Have you ever felt frustrated when accidentally clicking on the wrong grid to detonate all mines?
Have you ever felt that one game of Minesweeper is too short that you want a larger mine field?
Then our Minesweeper Online will solve all your concerns!

About Minesweeper Online
·With Minesweeper Online, you will have infinite map to explore! Millions of mines are waiting for you to sweep them out!
·With Minesweeper Online, you can enjoy the real time battle with players worldwide!
·Lighten up your national flag while sweeping mines, we do curious about which country is good at minesweeper the most.
·Don’t worry about detonate the whole map with one click. You can still enjoy the game, keep calm!
·Tired of the red flag and gray square? You can choose the symbol and skin based on your preference. Earn coins to redeem various of skins and symbols!

Beyond Retro
Yes, Our Minesweeper will remind your memory in 1990s! The gameplay, interface, and even the small red flag will remind you the early 21st century games time.
We also support multiplayer online mode. Invite your friends to join us! Challenge your friends and strangers from all over the world to see who will be the minesweeper king!

Minesweeper is a unique mix of strategic puzzle game and real-time multiplayer online game. Join players all over the world to sweep mines. Covered with more than 10 million mines, our extra-large minefield provides you with huge fun. Find the mines as fast as you can. Make the board be your territory and become the minesweeper king.

We make this minesweeper a multiplayer game. You can join players from all over of the world to uncover mines. We kept the classic 99 mines mode gameplay and make them as control points for PK mode. Challenge and occupy those control points to gain massive rewards and win glory. Exercise your strategic and logical thinking while having fun along the way!

Fight for your country
No matter where you are from, you can all enjoy this classic games based Minesweeper Online. Every time you sweep a mine, your national flag will appear on the mine field. You can also check the top chart to see people from which country play the best Minesweeper.

*Extra-large minefield covered with more than 10 million mines.
*Join the world to challenge real-time multiplayer PK mode!
*Easy control and adapted to touch screens.
*Sweep mines to achieve hit combo!
*Occupy control points as fast as you can, try to be the minesweeper king.

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