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Locotext lets you subscribe to its various location-based services like a remote control, and also lets you create your own "geo-messages" so you can use your location to trigger SMS messages to yourself or anyone else.

- Want to receive cool deals and helpful links when you pass by billboards with the Locotext logo?
Subscribe to ‘Billboard Texts’ on Locotext.
(Currently available for the Daily Billboard by AustinToday.com in Austin, TX)

- Want to send yourself a geo-based reminder, checklist, or note when you arrive at the office, store, or other destination? (Android only)
Use Locotext to create and send geo-based SMS messages to yourself.

- Want to let your family know when you are heading home, or let your spouse know that you stopped by the grocery store, or let your friends know when you are on campus? (Android only)
Use Locotext to create and send geo-based SMS messages to anyone.

- Need a tool to create and test geofence-based marketing campaigns? (Android only)
Use Locotext and the geo-message creation tool to test your geo-campaigns.

More services to come on Locotext so keep checking back.

The app is free, registration is free. In fact, registration is not required - you can use the app anonymously.

Take advantage of this now while the app is in beta and try Locotext today.

Be sure to let us know what you think and how we can make it better. Enjoy!

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Locotext is available on Android and iOS.

Battery Use Considerations:
Your battery use experience will vary depending on a number of factors, like your phone's age, make, model, OS version, battery capacity, condition, features, screen size, etc. As a location-based service, Locotext does use various signals (like GPS, WiFi, etc.) to attain your location. It must also run in the background in order to provide you its geo-messaging services and capabilities. This will lead to an increased use of your phone's resources including battery power. We advise everyone to monitor their phone when using the app to make sure the phone's battery is not detrimentally affected by continuous use of our app. With over 15,000 miles of logged test data, we have taken great care to build an app around optimizing the end user experience and preserving battery life so it can be used on an everyday basis. Still we know that everyone will have a different experience when it comes to using the app but we are working everyday to improve our app and create the best mobile geo-experiences.

Privacy Considerations:
We take your privacy very seriously, especially as it relates to your location and messages. Your privacy is as important as it is for us. As such, we have made privacy a major component in the overall design of our application and services. Locotext is a location-based services app, so the ability to identify your location is required to provide you with our location-based services. We do not store a running history of your location updates. We only capture location data when it is required to deliver or provide an app service. Additionally, we do not and will not disclose or sell your location-related information to any third party. As a communication-based app, Locotext is required to store your personal messages in order to provide you with our communication-based services. Note that the content of your messages created through the Locotext app are only stored locally on your mobile device and not on our servers. Messages created outside of the Locotext mobile app, like the Locotext Facebook app, are required to be stored on our servers, but content is encrypted for your privacy consideration.

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