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LocHub lets you share your location with other users on an interactive map, tracking your people has never been easier, you don´t even need the GPS enabled!

With its intuitive interface you can easily create a Hub with the contacts you'd like to share your position with, while the Hub is connected your location will be distributed to all the other connected contacts, stop sharing your location is as easy as pressing a button to disconnect the Hub.

The LocHub operation is very simple:

1. Create a Hub with the contacts you'd like to share your location with

2. Connect the Hub to share your location and open the map to see the positions of all the connected contacts

3. Press on the contact you want to calculate the route to his current position using the google maps application

3. Disconnect from the Hub to stop sharing your location

4. The lis of contacts can be updated at any time to get new user of the phone agenda who have installed the LocHub application

5. Select the desired location configuration on the settings tab

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