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Loctown is a family & friends locator, caller Id & Caller Location tracker app.

It is very useful as caller ID & caller locator app, which will show you caller name and caller location(if available) during the call.
Caller Location or receiver location will be shown on the time when you make/receive call from your friends and family members. This will help you to get an idea about caller location (i.e. where the caller is calling from).
So when you will have an idea of caller location before receiving call, it will be really amazing for you that you know where is the caller location during call.

Showing a caller location is the great feature of the app. A caller location will be shown like YOUR_CONTACT_NAME is calling from THIS_ADDRESS.
Also if the caller is not in your contact (unknown caller) then it will search that caller name (also caller location) in Loctown directory and will show the unknown caller location & name.

Loctown is the best app to track friends and family members that helps you:
➤ Get your friends location & family members location accurately, anytime.
➤ Get your contacts location during incoming and outgoing call.
➤ Get caller location during during incoming and outgoing call.
➤ Get unknown caller location.
➤ Get unknown caller name.
➤ Search any mobile number location.
➤ Search any mobile number owner name.
➤ Get your friends location & family members location on a Map.
➤ Draw personalized route to find friends on map.
➤ Get notification when your friend or family members reaches or leaves your Custom Place (like Office, Home etc).
➤ Know how far you are from your friends location is.
➤ View all contacts location on single map.
➤ Track friends location.
➤ Track family members location.
➤ Let friends find you.

Use Loctown to see your friends location on the earth. It will give your friends location with distance from you. It measures user location efficiently with VERY LESS BATTERY USE.
It will be very relaxing for you whenever you want to know where is your friends or family members are at that time. Just open the app and see your friends location or contacts location and distance from you with time of location. A list of your contacts along with map view where you can see your contacts location. It tracks friends location who are also using the app.

It will also show some of your contacts location who are not using Loctown. In this way you will be able to have some idea of your most of contacts location.

Also, add your custom places(locations) like Home, Office or your friend’s home, locating respective location, then you will be able to receive notification when any of your Loctown buddy(friends who are using Loctown) enters or leaves that place. You will get notification like “Vienna reached Home” or “Vienna left Office”. You will get these notification without opening the app.
You can share that custom place with your friends (contacts) and then they will also get notification in the same way when their friend enters or leaves that places.

If you don’t know route to your friend's location or family member's location,use this app to get personalized route between your location and friends location on map to meet them easily. This way will help you to meet your friend/family members without continuously asking them where they are, just ask your friend to turn location on and draw personalized and real time route between your location and your friends location.

You can control your location sharing with your contacts. Share your location with friends(contacts) whenever you want to share and disable it whenever you don't want to share with a particular friend.
You can individually disable location sharing with a friend with whom you don't want to share your location.
Initially we have enabled your location sharing with all of your friends (contacts).

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