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The ultimate fart app! 50+ unique fart sounds. New farts with each button. The biggest variety of farts in a good old keyboard. Fart sounds are the funniest thing on the planet. People love the sound of farts when they blast through like waves of green gassy flatulence. Fart prank apps are never boring and can entertain us for hours on end. Days and years of funny farts shooting across the house. Make fun of your friends, family, teachers and spouse as you make them believe they just let one rip. Push out a wet, stinky fart sound with the power of this majestic fart app. Pooter is a fart toy that is pressed to make a fart sound. Why use a pooter when you can download the Fart Keyboard. There are no buttons, only keys that you push to hear uniquely satisfying fart noises. Flatulence has been gifted to us from the lords of gas. Some say that a fart is an element, however Fart Keyboard says it is a life elixir. Egg farts are the best. friends fart on peoples head when they are bored. Pooter a way like a poo is poopoo. This can be avoided by downloading the Fart Keyboard. No more pink eye, and more laughter and fart sounds.

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