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Use Lodge Night to find Masonic Lodges near you.

If you are a Mason and would like to visit, you can find meetings for tonight, the next week, or search by proximity. There is also a "Map" view so you can see what Lodge you might like to visit if you are planning a trip.

If you would like to become a Mason, you can find a Lodge that is convenient for you based on meeting night and location. Most lodges' websites are included on their detailed view page and you can usually contact them via their website. If this is not possible for a given Lodge, contact the Grand Lodge, or use the "Contact us" option under "More" in the app and we will try to relay a message.

Please also use the "Contact us" option to ask questions, make suggestions for future versions, or to advise of any issues. Please visit our Facebook page "Like", and share with your friends.

Lodge Night data is currently available for Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Mexico and the US state of Michigan. We will continue to add US States and many other Countries. Stay tuned!

For your convenience, Lodge Night also contains links to some of the larger Grand Lodges.

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