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Let us introduce you a unique “TvojeSpievankovo” that will enable you and your children to join Spievanka and Zahrajko and sing your own versions of the songs from Spievankovo. In addition, the use of NočnáLampa offers the help to you to put the youngest members of your family to sleep through traditional fairy tales.

Become together with your children the stars of the concert of best songs by Spievanka and Zahrajko. Record favourite songs and share the result with your family and friends. An iPhone, iPad or iPod without any additional devices is enough for you to prepare a home concert show with your children. You have a unique opportunity to change the ratio of the volume of your child’s singing to the singing of Spievanka and Zahrajko. It makes no difference whether you are in a train, waiting room at the doctor’s surgery or airport; simply wherever you are, even without any access to the Internet, make your child have great fun and play original video songs as if played by a DVD player. The first interactive TvojeSpievankovo tries to interest you among many foreign language applications. You can use it as a present; it is a perfect gift for your child!
NočnáLampa puts the whole family to sleep. Jointly choose a fairy tale and set out for your adventurous and funny journey to a magical world. It will be only up to you when the lamp of NočnáLampa is turned off and the storytelling stops.

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