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PTO Tracker is used to keep track of your Paid Time Off (PTO). Are you curious if taking off next Tuesday will cause you issues with that vacation three months from now? Quickly see how much PTO you'll have on a given date. This is both a simple and powerful PTO calculator.

This paid version also includes a widget so you can see your current allocation on your home screen and uses Google Backup Service on devices configured to backup their data to Google.

PTO Tracker allows you to see your PTO in either days or hours. You can also take PTO in full/half day increments or fractional hours (up to 1/100th granularity).

Helpful Hints:

- If you want to take hour increments rarely, just long-press on the date in full/half day mode to enter hours or fractional hours. Long-press will also give you other options, like bonus entry.
- To go directly to a given day quickly, click on "Week of" in the entry screen.

For when you occasionally get bonus PTO, but working overtime or a special occasion, you can long press the date to add in this bonus time. Or select "Advanced Mode" as the input method and always have quick access to these rare values (more coming soon).

If your company's PTO policies are different and this app does not support your needs, let me know and I'll try to make updates to accommodate you. New features will be added soon to provide even greater flexibility.

Explanation of permissions: No permissions are needed. However, if you have PTO Tracker Free installed, the applications are linked (to import data), so Android will report this app has Internet permissions until you uninstall the free version. No Internet is used in this app.

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