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Granny Smith's Baby Monitor

Hear and see your baby remotely with live audio and video!

This app was written by parents for parents and is really easy to use, so baby-sitters, grandparents and everybody else can use it.

You can play music to soothe your baby - this music can be controlled from the baby phone or from the monitor phone.

Using the 2 way audio function you can even talk to your baby. This function is also great when one parent is in the baby's room and wants to talk to the other parent for example to ask where baby's favorite blanket is!

It doesn't need WiFi so it will work anywhere, and it doesn't need mobile data so there'll be no unexpected bills later.

Security is important when it comes to your baby, so only authorised devices can connect to the baby monitor.

Works on Android 2.2 and greater.

Granny Smith's Baby Monitor - Trust Your Granny!

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