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Beat your high score or challenge your friends with this exciting new logic game!

Block To Block is free and addictive so give it a go and you'll be racking up a high score in no time.

How to play: Move between blocks by clicking on them. You can move the same distance as your current block says. With randomly generated values for each block, no game will be the same.

Think a step further ahead than your opponents and block their next move. A strong strategy will help triumph above your opponent in the two player game mode.

Puzzle your way through each game and test your brain. It's a great way to pass time and train your brain to think ahead!

This game is great for brain training since you have to plan ahead for each move to ensure you can move from your number block.

A jumble button can be used twice per game and it gives new values to each number block that isn't blocked.

The unblock button can also be used twice per game and it unblocks each number block to allow you to play for longer!

Block to Block tests your ability to think ahead. Number blocks have new randomly generated values assigned to them when the number block is unblocked by filling a row or column. This really makes for an unpredictable game each time!

This game is regularly being updated to improve the player's experience. Regular updates mean the game is more and more fun each time you replay it. Updates so far include improved textures/graphics, improved gameplay, improved random number generator, unblock and jumble buttons, game animations and a move indicator.

Last update:
+Graphics have been improved so that each number block looks clearer.
+Settings menu.
+Jumble button gives each number block a new value.
+Unblock button unblocks each blocked square a new random number.

I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I've enjoyed making it. Please rate/review Block To Block and leave your feedback.

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