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Winter Mountain Sniper is Mission based on Army Camp with heavy Army soldiers patrolling with modernized war weapons.

You have been sending on a mission at enemy base camp in snowy weather to eliminate all targets. Aim on head to get head-shot. Shoot multiple times on commando body to increase kill count. Shoot all enemies to clear base and help you team to get invade with helicopters. You will be dropped on snow covered mountain peak with long range sniper rifle. Get the radio confirmation to start mission. Identify enemies and pull the sniper trigger to shoot and kill the enemy army men. You need to hold your breath like real battlefield shooting experience and aim for head-shot to avoid enemy ambush.

Enemies are patrolling in base with gunship facility and snow vehicles rampage. You need to spot military solders and start to shoot, one by one. You need to take shots with ninja mod to avoid alert on base. Use you assassin instinct to kill through enemy shooting. Use your Modern sniper Rifle to survive this Elite army mission. Be a Professional Alpha military sniper Shooter missions to clear Enemy base. You are now part of special commando shooter army force in winter snow covered mountains environment. Start shooting using long range scope to get accurate shots. Army force is equipped with gunship helicopter landing area, Army trucks, tanks, missiles, Radio towers and ammunition. Player first person shoot (FPS) in Modern snow mountain sniper shooter will give you excited sniper shooting simulator experience. Take up challenge and be a front-line assassin sniper commander and be an Ultimate Modern winter sniper.

Mountain Modern Sniper is the best shooting game in advance for next year 2017. Download now this amazing free game with all new fresh content on regular updates. Thank you for choosing our application. We shall appreciate suggestions and feedback so feel free to contact us.

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