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Everything you want to count with your fingers and other devices and you want to save it if there is any interruption then what will you do?
If you want to start again and you don't remember the previous count then what will be your suggestion in that time?
Our attempt of android application will solve all these issues for you.
This application also used for Tasbeeh, to count your Tesbih, Tasbeeh, Tespih, Namaz, Dua, Cami, Hoca, Kuran, Pray, Misbaha, Salah, Bead
If you want to play the sound for counting in English, Arabic, German, Spanish and Chinese then it's also the functionality of this amazing application.
• Increase the count by 1.
• Decrease the count by 1.
• Reset the count.
• Save the count.
• Can load the count with initial settled value.
• Counting sound and vibrate option.
• Localization support of languages like Arabic, English, German, French, Chinese and Spain.

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