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Welcome to one of the most unique forms of Solitaire – it's called Pyramid. Cards are arranged in the shape of a large Pyramid, and you must match pairs of cards whose values total 13 to remove them from the Pyramid. It's simple and relaxing to play, just be sure to make wise moves or the Pyramid might win instead!

Pyramid++ was designed by a Solitaire enthusiast with mobile phones in mind. Enjoy the big, readable cards and the non-distracting backgrounds.

Don't know how to play Pyramid Solitaire? No problem! The interactive tutorial will have you playing in no time!

Once you start a game, it auto-saves after every move, ensuring that your game will be preserved even if the app gets restarted or crashes. Never worry about losing your Pyramid Solitaire game again!

Got a high score? Pyramid++ lets you share your score or challenge friends to the exact same deal to see if they can beat it!

• Simple interface with big cards designed for mobile
• Interactive tutorial teaches you how to play Pyramid Solitaire
• Auto-saves after every move in case of accidents/crashes
• Drag-and-drop cards or tap to automatically move them
• Play in Portrait or Landscape
• Share scores or Challenge a friend to the same deal
• Unlimited Undo's and Hints for free
• Choose from multiple card styles and backgrounds

Pyramid is the perfect card game if you have a few minutes of free time. Each game is simple and quick, while being fun and challenging at the same time. Pyramid can entertain you for minutes or hours! The best part? It's free!

Solitaire (also known as Patience, Solitare, Solitary, or Solider) is a one-player game with many variants. Check out my other free Solitaire apps if you like this card game! I also offer FreeCell Solitaire and TriPeaks Solitaire.

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