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Flappy Math is a game where you get a math equation and you need to resolve it as quick as possible and fly it by pressing the screen into the correct answer block. Sounds pretty easy, huh? Well it’s not your typical flappy game with flying birds! The mathematical equation is under gravity, and you need to make sure that it won’t fall down or fly out of the screen, keep it in the air with your fingers! This is NOT just another "flappy" type of game, make sure you understand that a flying math equation is a lot more serious than a bird or a plane, so please take our game with full seriosity and with a trained brain!

You might be familiar with types of games as you’ve seen a lot of them lately and you might think “What? A flying math equations? Only the birds can fly!!!” , but let us GUARANTEE you that Flappy Math is a unique and original game. Instead of avoiding all kind of obstacles and flying through pipes, in our game you need to collide with the correct answer, but of course only after you have calculated the result of the math equation.

It’s fun, entertaining, educational and frustrating arcade game...trust us, you’ll get freaking mad when you will not have enough time to calculate the math equation or you’ll fail to fly it to the correct block. A game that combines and offers all the necessary experience a real gamer has been waiting for.

Flappy Math is not just about flying numbers for infinite, we took care to make a logical increasing difficulty, so you will not get bored even for a second. Everything starts as it should with Easy difficulty and easy math equations that can be solved even by a 7 years old kid. After making the correct moves and answering correctly you will notice that the equations become a little more challenging, but of course not impossible to calculate.

The Aqua and Jungle World are locked when you first try to play Flappy Math. You get only the Notebook World to play in. 100 points are necessary to unlock the Aqua World and 200 points for the Jungle adventure. You get 1 point for every correct answer you make, and the points from all the games you played are summed up to make your Total Score. A total freaking math game to train your brain and your mastery of taking fast decision!

Want more reasons why you need to download and play Flappy Math? Here you go:

• Clean and beautiful design leading to an amazing user experience
• 3 different worlds to fly the math equation: Notebook World, Aqua World and Jungle World
• Increasing difficulty from Easy => Medium => Hard
• All the math equations sum up not more than 99
• You get only 2-3 seconds to calculate the correct answer and fly to the equations to the block containing the right answer
• Google Leaderboard integrated to try to stay on the Top
• Ability to share your score on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your score
• It’s just too freaking addictive game once you pass the Medium level

We are sure that our users will suggest more reasons once they try Flappy Math. Go ahead and download it now and fly those numbers as fast as you can!

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Let the fun begin, enjoy our arcade!

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