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The TwoVie App will keep you in touch with your selected organization. Having the power of knowing what is actively occurring in your organization, at the mobile device level, in real time has never been so easy! The TwoVie App provides the perfect way for you to receive urgent notifications, get critical updates, bulletins and a calendar of events on your mobile device. The TwoVie App features allow you the opportunity to easily submit feedback, send comments, photos and place calls to the organization with the touch of a button. Stay connected to the information that helps to maintain the high level of service that you demand!

Organizations are publishing surveys and polls to take the citizens' inputs on various activities they are pursuing and hence improve their services. TwoVie App provides the ability to the users to take surveys and answer polls.Users can also make the following configuration changes from the setting screen now: turn off/on push notifications and change the alerting mechanism (quiet, vibrate, and sound).

The TwoVie App is optimized for Smartphones and Tablets on Android, Apple and Windows platforms.

Key Features Include:

• Receive Bulletins
• Receive Push Notifications
• Receive Updates
• View Calendar of Events
• Use One-Touch-Call to the Organization
• Send Feedback to the Organization
• Send Photos
• Share with Facebook and Twitter
• Links to view related information
• Maps
• Ability to take surveys and answer polls
• More settings to control the app
• Ability to Block App Abusers.
• Implemented sub accounts functionality.
• Tablet Compatibility.

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