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DashClock "Word of the Day" plugin is an extension for DashClock Widget

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Are you a self-proclaimed "Word Nerd"? If so, DashClock "Word of the Day" extension has been developed with you in mind!

Enhance your vocabulary by viewing a new word and definition on your lock screen every day. Learning a new word is reinforced each time you unlock your screen and view the word and definition. Be the envy of your neighbors and peers as you show off your newly acquired linguistic skills.

Choose from 6 different daily word source feeds:

• Merriam-Webster (default)
• TheFreeDictionary
• UrbanDictionary
• WordSmith
• Macmillan
• Rotate Hourly

When clicking on the word / definition on your screen, choose to view additional details for the displayed word via:

• Same as feed source
• Dictionary.com
• Google
• Wikipedia
• Disable Lookup
• Send to Share Intent

Option to "Dismiss Word on Click" so that current (when a single source is selected) word is dismissed / no longer displayed, and new word will not appear until next available word is provided via the source.

You can also elect to disable word lookup all together, so that when clicked, word is dismissed but not opened in a browser to view details. This clears the word from your widget display until a new word is available to view.

You can also, instead of opening the word / definition in your browser, using your selected "source" destination, choose to "Send" the word to Android's built-in "Share" intent, allowing you to select from a list of apps that support this option. If your favorite dictionary app supports this feature, you can select from the presented list and open the word definition directly in the app, rather than through your browser. Nice!

See Youtube screencast for additional details and known supported dictionary apps:


If selection source is set to "Hourly" next word will appear within 60 minutes of the time that the current word has been dismissed.

DashClock "Word of the Day" Extension requires DashClock Widget by Roman Nurik: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.nurik.roman.dashclock

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