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About Logistrics Taxi

Logistrics Taxi is a full featured application that works on your Android to allow you to run a successful taxi business at a fraction of the upfront and monthly operating costs of Legacy Desktop and Mobile Dispatch Terminal based solutions. No new hardware is required except for the Android PDA with data plan and as a Taxi Company you can be up and running on this system in minutes with web access to run the dispatch application.

Our solutions have supported several million trips & GPS data. Over 400 Companies and Taxi Proprietors located globally have registered to use our system since its launch and run thousands of trips successfully.

The entire set up process is simple and intuitive. If you need assistance we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have and guide you through the set up process. You are up and running in minutes!

Works Anytime. Anywhere.

The application can be used by taxi operators worldwide. All you need is an Android phone for each driver and a computer connected to the internet for the dispatcher. Any place. Any currency. Any time.

Real-time Dispatch
Dispatch can be automated or handled manually. Only vehicles who are logged in and free can receive a trip. Trips appear on the PDA and are saved on the PDA for 24 hours.

Multi-Logic Dispatch
The dispatch can be set to use a queue-based First In First Out (FIFO) model or a Nearest Available Car or Cars model.

Status Update
Drivers can update their status from their Android in real-time. The status can be set to FREE, BUSY or AWAY. FREE indicates the driver is logged in and available to take a trip. BUSY indicates in- trip status and AWAY indicates a non-trip BUSY status (example: in car wash, servicing, etc)

Real-time Tracking
As a Taxi Company, your Dispatcher or Administrator can track all the logged in vehicles in real-time on Google Maps by logging into the web application by using a computer with web access.

Customer Information Management
Once entered, customer information including multiple addresses, telephone number, etc can be saved on system. This helps avoid re-entering information for repeat customers. Also, key Points of Interest (POI) can be saved on system and used to dispatch vehicles.

Trip Management
Dispatchers can enter in new trips phoned in by customers. Trips can be viewed, edited, saved, resent or deleted. You can even view who entered in the order based on the order takers initials or who changed it. Trips can be booked for up to a year in the future. All trips are automatically assigned a Trip ID by the system.

In-Vehicle Navigation
The solution uses Google Maps available on most Android phones to provide navigation support. Voice and Turn by Turn Navigation is also supported.

Event Notification
Drivers can enter in event information such as toll route taken, wait times, baggage charges, etc using their PDA and this information is sent to the server application and stored in database.

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