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Design your own logo with Logopit Logo Maker. You don’t need to pay up to hundreds of dollars to get the logo you need anymore. You can make a logo easily with Logopit Logo Maker. We have provided everything you need to get started. It only takes a few minutes to create your own logo in a couple of easy steps.

There are so many things to do when you decide to launch your business. Do you want to create a brand? There are brand name generators you can use. You can also find and use slogan maker to create your company’s slogan. What about logo?

People spend a lot of money and time to find a graphic designer to make a logo and even then it might not work out as they expected. You might not like the result and need to find and hire another logo maker.

Time and money is precious in business. With Logopit Logo Maker, you can save the time and money by creating your own logo within a couple of minutes and with minimal effort. We provide you with premium multicolor graphic design elements and more than one thousands single color vector graphic elements. We also provide wide range of fonts to add more choices when you personalize your logo. Logopit Log Maker is an ultimate graphic design app that everyone can use.

Logopit Logo Maker TOP features:
-Straightforward and user friendly interface. Everyone can use our app successfully to make a logo. We have done all the hard work to minimize your effort.
-Thousands of attractive designs to choose from as your starting point. We curate the best logo designs to choose as your base design. These designs can be modified later on to create a unique logo.
-Color panel to choose the color for your logo and text.
-Variety of fonts for every type of businesses to personalize your logo.
-Save function. No more worrying you will lose your logo design. You can save it to modify it later on.
-Export function so you can download your logo once it is done.

Logopit Logo Maker is straightforward to use. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to be able to use this powerful graphic design app and create a logo of your dreams. Follow these simple steps and you will succeed:

-Download this app to your device for FREE.
-Choose a logo design. We have thousands of designs to choose from. We are sure that everyone will find something that is suitable for them. Don’t worry if they are not exactly what you like. You can customize them on the next step.
-Now is the time to customize your logo. Make a logo is more than choosing a picture and putting text under them. -With our app you can rotate, scale, and change the color of the logo you have chosen.
-After you are satisfied with the logo you have created, it is time to add some text to it. Add your company’s or brand’s name underneath the picture.
-Customize the text by changing its font and color. We provide plenty of fonts you can use. Pick the most appropriate font that reflects your company and brand image. If you have a white collar company, choose a font that is simple, modern, and easy to read.These are what most people call traditional fonts. If your business is in design, you can get away with choosing a more quirky font.
-You can add more than one texts, each with different color and font type, to your design. This graphic design app will make it easy for you to test this feature out.
-When you make a logo, at every step of the way, do not forget to Save the changes to your logo. Save it to Drafts so you can access and modify it later.
-After you are satisfied with your design, now you can download this logo to your phone.

You can create unlimited logo with our app! If you sell a service as a graphic designer, this app will be invaluable for you. You can make a logo very simply and very quickly. After you download the file, you can also modify it to your heart’s content if you choose to do so.

So download this awesome graphic designer app now and create a logo for your business. You can also create several designs and choose the best.

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