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Are you ready for this? Are you --really-- ready??

Let's get real, you want action. You want crazy high-paced fun. Well, get all that and more with Lokani™ Addicting Space Pilot. This one is not just a game--it is your next adventure. Start your daring escape from the red wall of death now.

This game knocks the bird's wings off all those other "flappy" games because we know you are looking for more fun and less frustration.

Lokani™ Addicting Space Pilot Game (Free) will test your reaction abilities to the --absolute-- fullest as endless enemies and infinite powerups appear from the right. Your score will increase--but so will the speed of the enemies! Impossible? No way. How far can you go? How fast can you go? How long will you last? Try this daring escape now and get ready to pilot your escape!

Key Features:
- Look at these retro indie graphics!!! The sounds are even better :)
- Can you escape?
- Extremely addictive and hard, let's do it!

See more at http://www.lokani.com

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