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Wasteland Guide for Fallout 4

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The Wasteland Guide for Fallout 4 is an interactive map where the community can share locations and information.

Notable features include:
* Offline map and markers so you don't need to eat up your precious bandwidth while exploring!
* Categorized and Filterable markers so that your eyes don't bleed from the awesome abundance of map markery goodness.
* Found a fantastic, out of the way place and want other Wastelanders to find it too? Share the love! Add a map marker and bask in the glory of all the thanks!
* Looking for a certain place but not sure where to go? Somebody has already added a marker... just hop on the app and it'll give you an exact location and instructions on what's there.
* "Like" locations that are accurate!
* "Dislike" locations that are spam or inaccurate so an under-paid and under-appreciated lackey has a job to do removing them!
* Comment on locations left by others... such as: "actually there's nothing here dude" or "thanks, I've been looking for this forever!" or "cn u evn spl?".
* One-tap sign-in with Google.
* A heartfelt plea for donations that you simply shouldn't ignore! (Not that you read this far down the list anyway!)

If you have any comments/suggestions please feel free to email: fallout4wastelandguide@gmail.com

NB: This app has no affiliation with, and is in no way endorsed by, Bethesda Softworks. If you have issues with this app, please email the developer not Bethesda!

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