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The game recognises your voice pitch by singing through the device’s microphone and we will judge your performance based on professional measures.

- Sing mode: The character would walk or run depending on your performance, she will even trip and fall if you miss the notes. You will need to sing according to the lyrics and the pitch bars below would tell you how you’re doing.
- Lesson mode: There’s also another mode called “Lesson Mode” which gives you a vocal training based on professional vocal lesson. You can immediately train your vocal by singing through the microphone according to the instructions.
- Fancy song selections: Singsation is loaded with fancy song selections to keep you entertained.
- Improve vocal skills: The result screen lets you evaluate your performance and even listen to the recordings of your own voice!
- Compete with friends: Singsation is integrated with Facebook so that you can compete high scores with players around the world.

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