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After the killing of the flightless dodo not much happened on the island of Mauritius. Until now, the dodo’s (some kind of extinct ducks) are back from the death and less boring than ever. The evil dodo’s brought their own flying machines, so for the first time in history the dodo’s can fly. They even brought other extinct animals back to help them.

The goal of this shooter is to fight your way through the massive hordes of dodo’s and put them out of their misery. To do this you can use a variety of familiar weapons. You have to do this within the time limit.


Augmented reality

The game is a argument reality (AR) app, so it seems the zombie dodo’s have entered your home and you shoot them by aiming your tablet or phone at them.


The demo game contains several kinds of enemies plus one mega cool end boss.


This version of the game contains 2 weapons: A Nintendo inspired zapper laser gun and a slingshot from which you can shoot birds(that are very angry about that).


This version of Zombie Dodo’s has 4 levels.


Don't forget to wipe your screen!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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