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This app allows you to track your vehicle maintenance such as oil change and tire rotation. It also lets you enter information for supplies such as air filter type and wiper blade lengths. You can enter when the last maintenance was accomplished as well as the maintenance interval. This allow you to use the "maintenance due" function to easily see what maintenance is due within a certain mileage. You can also copy your data to the storage device to move to a new device or for back up purposes. This free version needs access to "Network Communication" on your device only for the purpose of displaying ads. The full version on the Play Store does not need access for ads. It only requests access to the storage device, which is for backing up your data or to save the data to transfer to a new device. The data is stored within the application and is lost when the application is uninstalled or the device is reinitialized. When wanting to transfer to a new device or if you want to back up your information to be able to restore it if needed, follow these instructions. Go to the main menu and select "Archive" option; type in a name for the file; press the "Archive" button. This will create a file on the external storage under the "data\data\com.lone_wolf.vehicle_maintenance_free\files" directory. To restore, go to the main menu and select "Restore" option; use the "Select" button to get the file; then the "Restore" button to upload your saved data.

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