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Play your way around our planet with Amazing World Atlas by Lonely Planet Kids! Designed specifically for kids ages 9-11, Amazing World Atlas lets kids explore the world's continents and countries with interactive maps, quizzes, and games galore!


Become a super-explorer of continents, countries and cities
Test and grow your geography knowledge with maps and games.
Discover fun facts about sights, wildlife, food and culture.
Earn stars to unlock even more places to explore!

The game features 5 different types of mini-game, with over 30 levels of gameplay. Mini-games include:

* Map Blitz - Match up the flag & place name with its matching place on the map!

* Flag Memory - Play a game of "Memory" with the flags of a continent or country. Match them all to win!

* Capital Match - Choose the right capital city for the place and flag shown!

* Map Repeat the Pattern - Watch the game light up places in order, then repeat the pattern to win!

* World Matchup - Match the flag, animal, or monument to its continent to earn points and stars. Hurry, before time runs out!

Amazing World Atlas features hours of gameplay, and is written and illustrated by Lonely Planet's travel experts, so you can rest assured you're getting the true low-down on Planet Earth! So get Amazing World Atlas today and starting exploring!

Amazing World Atlas by Lonely Planet Kids: It's Your World. Come Explore.

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