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Mathology is an application that has all the formulas and methods that you need for solving your higher secondary mathematics problem. And don’t worry about being an android expert to use this application. It’s very easy and comfortable to use this application.
Has anyone seen the movie “taare zameen par”? Do you remember the kid with “dyslexia”? When do you remember him most? Is it when you decide to do your mathematics homework? Suddenly all the equations methods start jumping up-down in front of your eyes, and after a few minutes you give up. If this is the case my friend, then we’re here to help you. And don’t feel like you are alone in this. Trust me we all have been there.
I know it’s very tough to remember all the formulas and methods for the right problem. Well, guess what, now you don’t need to spend your precious time or patience memorizing these formulas and at the end of the day feel like the kid of the movie. You don’t need to carry the awful reference books or even you don’t need the Internet connection, which you intend to use for solving mathematics problem. All those days of pain are over if you just have an android device and have the application “Mathology”.

If you see this apps, you will know what I mean. You don’t need to have the fear of getting lost with all the stupid instructions of an android app in Mathology. All you have to do is, start your app, Go to the chapter selection, where all the chapters are lined up. Then go to the chapter from where you are doing your current exercise and there you will find all the formulas and methods in a very organized way. And at the end when you are done just hit the exit button.

As you my friend happen to be a student of Digital Bangladesh, why not digitalizing your own study time? This application will not just make you feel smart and confident in mathematics but also will save your time. So that you can explore other fun stuffs and enjoy with your friends.
So, what are waiting for? Get your “Mathology” now and be the cool genius one from your class.

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