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Food Fever Halloween Night

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Food Fever Halloween Night

Top Baby Games presents Food Fever Halloween Night.
Get ready to serve creepy little ones in this Halloween season at the Food Fever Halloween Night. Learn to prepare quickly their favorite savories like, pumpkin soup, eye balls, spooky cupcakes and serve hungry Halloween babies as quickly as possible.

In the cute game all the people dressed as ghosts to spend the festival with an exciting you! Wow~ Hurry to pick, shopping, food, for Halloween. And set out to travel the great Halloween
Believe us, dress excellent here. Will make you as many predicted star and a mini game to impress you with joy, and unique. If you have enthusiasm in the adventure. And the haunted house was built for you!

Hey, life's no fun without a good scare to stick. "Food Fever Halloween Night".

How to play.

Open the game and choose different types of foods that those people who dress up as a ghost on Halloween night. After that, you will be paid a money. In addition, the mysterious things in a haunted house waiting for you to reveal. Can't wait to see the surprise behind the door? Let's go ~ it is not likely to experience the night special.


- Simple yet fun to play.
- lots of dishes to cook using multiple ingredients.
- unique locations to cook Fast-Food.
- Multitask between serving grilling and, stacking.
- More than 40 dishes to cook using hundreds ingredients.
- Stunning graphics and authentic sound effects.
- Easy to pick up and play type of game play but hard to Master!!
- perfect for, house wives babies kids and, even chefs!!
- busy restaurants need fast kitchen hands!!
- Mysterious haunted house and fun-filled photo booth
- An unforgettable Halloween feast for you

Earn more points by serving customers quickly or otherwise you lose game if they get angry.

Good Luck !!!

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