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About Savings Tracker

Manage money and track your cash savings with Savings Tracker, a FREE simple financial planner & goal tracker app to help you manage finance better. Aside from recording your savings or the money in your piggy bank, the app also sends you Reminders to remind you to save money daily, weekly, or monthly toward your goal. We have a lot of awesome features that will be useful for you no matter where you live or what currency you use.

Do you know how to save money effectively? Many people are looking for ways to manage money and manage finance better. There are a lot of financial planner apps to help you reach financial goals. Savings Tracker will bring you back to basics: setting goal, reminders, and info of your progress. Our app is effective even when you are simply using a piggy bank as your coin bank. Even a small amount of savings count! Of course, once you’re serious about budgeting & reaching long term financial goal, you should be saving.

Savings Tracker is suitable for ALL AGES! Whether you already have savings accounts and manage your own finances, or you are still young and still save money in a coin bank or piggy bank, our app can help!

SIMPLE is better! Sometimes you don’t need complicated bank finances apps as your financial planner. Just use this simple app that has all the functions you need.

SAFETY is important for us! Savings Tracker has a Pattern Lock so other people can’t easily access your sensitive financial data.

★ Know how much you have saved.
★ Learn how much more you need to save to reach a financial goal.
★ Use your local currency (please contact if your currency is not in the list).
★ Daily, Weekly, Monthly reminder.
★ Offline usage. A network connection is not required.
★ Data synchronization. For those who want their data to be synced across devices.
★ Personalize your app with custom themes & colors (some features require premium).

Tips to Save Money:
- Calculate your income & your budget.
- Don’t forget settings goals, start small first when setting goals.
- Use a financial planner or money-saving apps that you like.
- Get a real piggy bank or coin bank for coin saving – it will add up quickly!
- Motivate yourself with a picture of your goal (vacation destination, etc)

There are a lot of websites with articles on how to save money and tips to save money. You might find those articles useful if you are really looking for in-depth tips to save money. Meanwhile, we hope that our mini financial planner & money saving app can help you manage your finance better!

Our money saving app tracker supports the following languages:
✓ English
✓ German
✓ French
✓ Spanish
✓ Russian
✓ Chinese
✓ Tagalog
✓ Indonesian
✓ Vietnamese

Note: translations are not perfect, so if you see any mistakes, please contact us at Also, do you enjoy using the app? Please help us translate English to your language so you can use the app in your language. This way, you can help others learn and practice how to save money too. Thank you!

We also appreciate it if you can help our app by leaving a rating & review!

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