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An indie physics-based 3D-graphics game that's easy to understand and fun to play. This version contains both the endless tracks of the original game and the one-minute-dash tracks of Impossible Rainbow Road 2.

New players can start with the Easy-Dash level where the roads have guard rails. Work your way up to the Endless tracks where you're flying through space with no safety net! Eventually you'll discover how to skip down the road like a stone skipping across water for massive scores.

* Tilt your device left or right to steer. Or tap on the sides of the screen, depending on your chosen control technique. (I find that tilt is the easiest technique but perhaps not as precise.)

* Touch the Pause button after the start of a run to pause, restart, or adjust your options.

Each track keeps its own score. If you get a score high enough to be considered for a medal -- one of the top three in the world -- you'll be asked to pick a nickname for posting your score to the central leaderboard. (You can choose not to enter a name if you don't care to see the leaderboard. You'll still be able to see each track's top score.)

Some tracks give you the ability to hop. Hopping is essential to jump over the nasty puddles in some of the Dash tracks, and to get back on the road in the Endless tracks.

For more score-beating tips, see my list of hints at

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