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Stress at work? Having horrible bosses? Vent your frustrations by unleashing a flurry arsenal of pain on your boss and watch him scream.
This time round, the focus is just your boss. This time, whack him HARDER!

Whack Your Boss HARDER is the #1 stress relief game. Although some of you may wish you can do this in real life...
If you like the first game Whack your Boss HARD, try Whack your Boss HARDER. I guarantee it will be more intense this time.

Once again, no humans are hurt in the production of this game. We recommend you to keep it the same way too. Empty your anger in the game and feel refreshed for a new day of work.

- Same finger smashing fun
- Upload your deserved victories onto Facebook or Twitter
- Awesome upgrade system to beat the boss harder
- Combo hit and beat the boss to make him yield
- Cartoon realistic expressions and bruises that feels like you are really unleashing an arsenal of pain to your pathetic horrible boss
- Put a name or a photo to that horrible boss and the rest is up to your imagination
- Whack your boss HARD without losing your job EVER!!!

Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us. Finger cramps and some rare fractures are the possible results that may occur. As much as we love you to play our game, we highly recommend you to play this game responsibly and rest your fingers frequently.

Apart from that, happy Whacking and remember:
Whack your boss and whack them HARD. Only this time, whack them a lot HARDER.

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