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Know Football? Prove it!

Compete against your mates to call the result of matches. Football knowledge and skill is

rewarded, not luck. Can you and your team beat the competition to win prizes? Download our app to find

out. Fantasy Football just got real.

How to Play

Longshot covers matches from all over the club football, with every game from the English Premier

League and Champions League as well as the biggest games from the rest of Europe.

Once you’ve chosen a match, a simple slider lets you show what chance each side has out of 100%.

Longshot’s score system rewards the most accurate predictions, based on knowledge, skill and an

understanding of realistic chances, and punishes people who try to ride their luck. Unlike Fantasy

Football, It’s not about how well you know our system, it’s just about how well you know football.

Longshot is a game for teams of 3 or 4 players, as people make better predictions when they share

information and opinions.

Once you’ve made your team, you can compete in our Longshot League against everyone else, as

well as being able to compare your own performance on our individual rankings.

Longshot lets you create private mini leagues to compete against just your friends, letting you test

who really knows what they’re talking about.

Longshot has great prizes for the best teams and star individual players, including classic football

shirts and tickets to Premier League and Champions League matches.

Longshot is real; Fantasy Football is make believe.

If you know the teams, know the tactics, know the form, in short if you know your football - now is

your chance to prove it. Fantasy Football is coming back to reality.

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