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Full Salung battle original copyright
Super Battle Game Mobile version is a simulation of the battle world of the PC version in its entirety, including characters, weapons, outfits, jobs, monsters and NPCs. The game is full of cuteness. Experience the world of wacky cute warriors that come with 5 main career lines. Experience the atmosphere of various familiar scenes, complete in-game function systems, whether it is a leveling party, a war, a wedding, a marketplace, a cute fashion dress. Allowing players from all over the country to join in the fun without limits. It's time to make a dream of yesterday, the legendary mobile game, Battle of the World, complete salung!!

[Game function]
[Enjoy unlimited journey in MMORPGOpen world]
You can travel around the world freely. Appreciate the beauty in a bright world Party invites friends to hunt bosses to find cool items. Or do you want to sell things? Of course there was a central market for merchants. Vendors sell things in Real Time, but be careful! Because you are not alone in this world. Maybe someone is looking to hurt you, it can be in the PK map, prepare well. Exciting adventures are waiting for you.

[The Great Battle of the Martial World will be ablaze.]
The long-running war between evil and good is about to begin again. Players can choose to join the Dharma faction. or unjust freely Exciting fun in the great power war Both sides must compete to seize territory as their own. different combo skills An exotic adventure journey in the battle world is waiting for you to experience it!

[5 Returned Legendary Classes]
Swordsman, Saber, Doctor, Spearman, Archer
Experience 5 classic occupations with familiar memories. No matter which career you choose, they all have different priorities and strengths. Reaching a certain level, you can also change jobs.

[Charm fashion set of cuteness]
Let's wear fashionable clothes and go out to show off in the battlefield.
Having a fashion dress, everyone will look and envy her cuteness. You can dress up all day without getting bored because There are more than 100 fashion outfits. The wearer, in addition to getting the sparkle, fashion outfits can also increase the power of the warriors as well.

[Marriage system, let love come and meet]
Love is another important part in the game. The battlers can propose to be lovers. During the wedding, the couple will receive a beautiful antique wedding dress. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game that is full of wedding celebrations, parties, wedding trains. Blessings from many friends Ready or not, let's show off your sweets to the world!

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