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SMS Routemaster is the free way for Bulk Wholesale SMS providers to test delivery routes to any particular target market. Once installed, the app generates a unique key number which the Android user in Country passes to the Wholesale provider with whom they are working together with their mobile number.

The Wholesale operator then incorporates this key number, their target email any other user/route information required in outbound messages which are then delivered to the device. On receipt at the handset, the app responds by sending an email to the address provided together with the user/route information, MSISDN, server time, device time.

Ask a colleague or friend in the target country to download the app, follow the registration instructions and then send you back the Customer ID presented when you sign on.

Then, if the remote phone number is +447973233446 and the Customer ID is: 8972413, I'd send a message in this format:

"[Customer ID],[],[your message]" so I'd send "8972413,,Global Title 007"

If the message arrived then I'd receive an email receipt form the platform

The service is free to use.

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