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Bringing a wealth of expertise from our staff of mathematicians, engineers and programmers we present Roulette Oracle.

Much more than a standard percentages tracker, this app analyses the current game state to provide the player with an in depth, fully customized strategy for winning at the Roulette tables. Simply follow a game of Roulette and tell Roulette Oracle the results of the spins. The Oracle will tell you where to bet!
Best of all this app is only $0.99, substantially cheaper than other Roulette strategy apps.

Good luck at the tables!

- Multilingual (8 Languages supported)
- American and European Roulette styles supported
- Customized Minimum Bet and Initial Balance
- Adjustable "Caution" level, allows you to see more or less advice depending on where you set
- Preset Bet Methods
- Win Tracker
- Tablet Support

Whilst Roulette Oracle is one of the best strategy apps available, it is not capable of providing absolutely infallible predictions. Users who choose to purchase this app do so knowing that the providers of this app will not be held accountable for any losses incurred as a result of using the app. Additionally, the use of electronic betting aides is outlawed in some locales. Be sure to check your local legal office before you attempt to use this app in Casino's.

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