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Lookmash is the easiest way to check what others like more. Add 2 photos, then others vote and within a minute you know what people from over the world choose. Find out your friends and app's voters choice.

If you don't know what to choose or what to buy, no problem. You can take picture of 2 different things and share your dilemma. People will give you advice in few minutes.

Would you rather wear pants or skirt? Lookmash community will tell you what looks better on you and will answer all your other questions about your outfit. You are not fashion guy? Ask others what's trendy and if it will look good on you.

You can compare clothes, shoes, accessories, glasses, food, bags, hair style, smartphones or even boys with girls.

Vote and check if you choose like others! Only person who has asked a question can see your choice and results of comparison.

Use lookMASH before going out or while shopping.

lookmash - this or that?

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