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'Looks Good On Me' is your chance to get 'Fast Fashion Feedback' from the people you trust most. Have greater confidence in what you wear. Invite your friends to become your 'Fashion Advisors' and build your own pocket sized personal stylist.

Alert your 'Fashion Advisors' when you’re trying on something new. Send them a selfie with a time limit to respond. Watch as the votes and comments roll in. See your overall verdict and decide whether to wear it or not.

Whilst waiting for a verdict explore exclusive deals from some of the worlds leading fashion brands and exciting newcomers.

Integrated with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, once you have your 'Fashion Advisors' approval share your cool new look on social media!


So you’ve got two great outfits, but you just don’t know which one to wear! Fear not, with our premium membership you will be able to compare two outfits simultaneously and find out which one your Fashion Advisors prefer.

Furthermore, with premium membership you can also save more verdicts for a longer period of time, ensuring the advice is always there for you to access.


As an official partner of 'The Cybersmile Foundation', 'Looks Good On Me' are dedicated to providing a safe environment for you to get 'Fast Fashion Feedback' that is constructive - our goal is to encourage a fun, positive, confidence-boosting experience for all. We have given you complete control over who you choose to be your 'Fashion Advisors', but should you feel bullied or upset we have incorporated support via the Cybersmile button in the 'Help' menu.

We are dedicated to helping 'The Cybersmile Foundation' to continue with their fantastic work. 5% of all premium app upgrades will be donated to the charity.


Please note: even though your photos are deleted from our servers after they expire, we cannot prevent recipient(s) from capturing and saving the image by taking a screenshot or using an image capture device.

Furthermore, like any app that involves sending photos or video, please be aware that data will be used up during this process unless you are using a free wi-fi network.


We hope you enjoy using 'Looks Good On Me' and can't wait to get your feedback!

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