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This easy to understand comic book style test is full of fun and creative pictures that helps kids of all ages identify some of their spiritual gifts. Up to 4 kids can save their test results. The test can be taken multiple times. Descriptions of each of the gifts require an internet connection. Spiritual gifts in the test include: Administration, apostleship, craftsmanship, discernment, evangelism, exhortation, faith, giving, healing, helps & service, intercession, knowledge, leadership, mercy, music, pastor, prophet, teacher, and wisdom. This is perfect for children's church & youth groups.


Look at what Looky Lamb is doing and saying in the pictures. Select a color based on how similar you are to Looky Lamb. Green is really similar. Red means not similar etc. Then select the arrow at the bottom to go onto the next question. The arrow shows the number of questions left. God may reveal different gifts over time. This test is to just give you an idea. Pray for God to help remove all distractions during the test and to help you during it. You can take a screen shot at the end of the test and email the picture to yourself. Each device takes screenshots differently.

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