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Home Workout contains more than 50 voice-guided training routines that you can use to exercise at home and without the need for any equipment, just investing a few minutes.

You will find:

& bull; Weight-training routines
& bull; Exercises to lose weight
& bull; Intense exercises (HIIT) to lose weight and tone up
& bull; Short exercise routines (Tabata)
& bull; Focused training routines: Exercises for legs, arms, abs and the whole body
& bull; Bodyweight exercises

In Home Workout you will also find home exercises to tone your entire body, core exercises and stretching. You can choose between routines for beginners, intermediate and advanced to get fit according to your level and objectives.

All the exercises have animations and complete explanations so that you learn to perform them in the correct way.

HIIT (High intensity interval training) is a training model in which low intensity intervals are alternated with other high intensity intervals. With HIIT you can achieve two different objectives: it will help you lose weight and also improve aerobic and anaerobic resistance.

Tabata is a HIIT training system composed of very short routines but very high intensity. It was found that the same results can be obtained with a Tabata training of 4 minutes than with a 60 minute training with moderate intensity.

Create your own home workout routine!

With Home Workout you can create your own personalized workout routines to exercise at home while having fun. Currently the application has more than 170 free exercises and we will be adding more and more every day.


& bull; Voice-guided training routines
& bull; Create your own workout routines
& bull; Create your own 30-day training plan to lose weight or tone up
& bull; Control your history with a training calendar
& bull; Track your weight over time

Download the free app and start your workout plan at home right now!

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