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$aveApp is a new app that lets you keep track of all your economic movements, and never forget where did you spent your money.

It is based on pigs (piggy banks). We can edit them to have an “Expenditure Control” for example to know how much money we spent in the current month, or for a “Savings Plan” to track our savings for example to buy a new bicycle.

Once the pig is set, we just add or take money from it. The information that can be added in each movement is:
- How much money did you spend.”30$”
- What did you buy: “New Jeans”
- Where did you buy it. : “Zara”
- Text Notes, to help you identify what you did. “Shopping with Paul”
- Make a Photo : “Of the ticket or the jeans” (Not in this version)
- Link a File: “The online receipt” (Not in this version)
- Date and time of the purchase. (Autogenerated in the moment of the click)
- Address: (Autogenerated in the moment of the click)

You can check all your movements in any time clicking the filling cabinet icon. Here you can search specific objects, and know how much money did you spend for example going out to dinner.
Clicking in any movement brings you to the detailed information, where you can for example check the notes, edit the address, or delete the entire movement.

Using the chart it is easy to you to keep track of your pig evolution in time. You can see if the outcome is constant and it will be easy to end the month in the economic threshold you have defined Or in the other hand you can see if there are some spending peaks that you want to check.

The Map feature let you see in a map where you have made your expenses. So you can see easily where are the places where you buy more things. If you are in a “Savings Plan” mode with the map you can see where are the places where you earn more money and come back again. Useful ah!!

THE WIDGET: Sometimes you will not be in the position to enter your expenditures (or earnings) on the spot. For example if you are paying in a gas station, and you have to move your car fast because there are a lot of people waiting, you wont spend time to edit the “How Much”, “What” and “Where” items. For this cases, use the widget. You only need to click once on it, and automatically a new movement with 0$ value will be recorded in your pig. The date, time and address will be also included so it will be easy to remember later at home what this movement refers to, and fill it correctly.
But how can I remember if today I have made a 0$ movement? I dont want to check it every night? I will forget it!
Don’t worry. For that reason there is a built in alarm that will only be active when there are 0$ movements in your pig and remembers you to fill it. Click the menu button on the home screen an go to preferences to edit the alarm.

ALL THE INFORMATION IS LOCAL. All the information that you fill in is local, it never goes out of your device. It is stored in a local database just for you.

Enjoy $aving.

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