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The main character is the cat that was not accustomed to the twelve signs of the zodiac. The cat challenge the battle to the twelve signs of the zodiac since a little frustrating.

This is the action game that they throw and hit balls each other.
You win those who are against a no bounce the ball to the opponent, and to zero life before.

There is a feature to strength each the twelve signs of the zodiac, and they are strong !
You are no penalty if you lose the battle. Let's try to challenge to battle more and more!
It is a weak cat at first, but you can level up in each time you win in all twelve signs of the zodiac, and defense power will continue to rise.
Through the battle of the twelve signs of the zodiac, please give the cat brought up!

■ How to play
In buttons on the bottom left of the screen, cat will move to the left and right.
In button in the bottom right of the screen, you can control of the ball. The meter in the bottom center of the screen move, when you press the bottom, and you can throw the ball far away depending the length of the meter when you release the button.

■ Rules of the game
In the top of the screen, the yellow bars are the remaining life of each of you and the rival, the number of the center will display the remaining time of the game, and a bar of left and right.
You should avoid to the ball the rival throws, and hit the ball with no bound to rival, let's reduce the life of the rival.
The longer the damage to the rival is also a large flying distance of the ball.
Sometimes black obstacles fall, your life does not decrease even if hit, but you will not move temporarily.
Either to zero the rival life before the time limit, the person the rest of your life is often wins.

If you win all twelve signs of the zodiac, you can level up and your power or defense will continue to rise.

■ In app billing
You can purchase "In app billing" from character list screen ("Status" button in the top of screen).
If You purchase it once, all of "speed" / "power" / "defense" will be Max permanently.
"speed" become Max only if you were charged.
If you can not win the twelve signs of the zodiac or if you want to see the strong cat, please try it.

■ Ranking
We have introduced the ranking system that uses Twitter account (T-Rank), and have set the priority level.

In the future, the cat might be, we challenged the battle to the twelve signs of the zodiac. Please give warmly watch over.

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