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I'm PoshJosh. I really wanted choice so News Minute is designed to give just that.

Instead of receiving any news, receive news updates of your choice.

To shed more light, here are some examples of choices possible by using the NewsMinute app:

* Fashionista

entertainment, bellanaija, linda ikej, naij, tiwa, wizkid
(In this example, the fashionista receives regular alerts about entertainment news, also news from bellanaija, lindaikeji, naij and news about 'tiwa' and 'wizkid')

* Activist

BBOG, girl child, efcc, corruption, buhari
(Here the activist receives alerts about 'BBOG', 'girl child', 'efcc', 'corruption', 'buhari')

* Banker

all share index, stocks, businesssay, channels, vanguard, thisday, ait, cnn
(Here the banker is updated with regular alerts about 'all share index', 'stocks' and news from businessday, channels, vanguard, thisday, ait and cnn)

There's more:

You could for example time your alerts for 15, 30 or 60 minutes as well as 2 or 4 hours intervals.

News Minute helps:

Users monitor specific topic(s) like 'boko haram', 'p-square', 'chelsea fc' etc

Press officers monitor their principal's mention in the news.

Celebrities, socialites, bloggers, fans and wannabe's alike monitor society gossip and news.

News media outfits monitor breaking news.

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