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"Insects Killer Sound Prank" is a prank app and will try to help keep all insects like mosquitos,aunts,flies and rats away from you! This app is able to emit high frequency sounds (ultrasonic sounds) which should irritate all small insects. Mosquitos and other insects can mistake that sound as the sound of their enemies (e.g. dragonflies, bats). They should keep away from the source of the sound. Just turn the repellent sound on and keep your mobile phone near you. No mosquito bites any more!

Insects Killer Sound Prank use high frequency Sounds are used in this app which can hearing sense of human ears to avoid Mosquito Bites .Insects Killer Sound Prank is entertainment purpose to make your friends fool. Mosquito Repellent app works like Anti Rat , Rat Repellent , Anti Fly , Fly Repellent app.

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• Beautiful Seekbar to change frequency

Most humans can't hear sound above 17 khZ. Our app gives you the availability to set sound frequency from 10 kHz to 20 kHz! Set frequency in way that you can't hear the sound and don't worry, the mosquitos should hear the sound!

Remember Note: Turn your volume to max while playing sound.

This app does not guarantee 100% chance of success.Moreover some built-in phone speakers are not able to produce high frequency sounds.

Insects Killer Sound Prank application is just a prank application. It creates some high frequencies noises to repel insects.This app is for you to have fun and share with your friends and family

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