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This 6 Week Fit app is a training tool to reach endurance fitness goals with body-weight exercises in supersets. It comes with routines and goals for doing pushups, squats, pullups, and crunches. You can add or remove additional routines as you see fit. The program is based on weeks, with 3 workouts each week, and sometimes a test on weekends to help make a more personalized routine. For each test you are expected to work to your absolute maximum as if you were near to reaching your goal. As the app starts with a test, we recommend doing the first test on a weekend, with the beginning of the weekend preferable. Because each of the routines is aimed to work towards endurance, you will find that these routines are great for fat loss, muscle gain, cardiovascular health, and daily energy. The initial goals may seem high, but are attainable by most people with effort.

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