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League of Magic is a strategy card collection game, similar to Magic the Gathering (MTG), Yu-Gi-Oh and Hearthstone. The game is particularly designed for mobile devices, and its user-friendly interface provides a fascinating experience in this TCG.
[Background story]
In the story of League of Magic, the world is structured by five elementals. The storyline starts in Viphon where five tribes were using their feature elementals to dominate five kingdoms respectively. Renatus, the grand wizard in Kingdom of Fire got prophesy from The Great Ones indicating the disaster is coming and claiming all the kingdoms should unite to confront the coming menace. The United Realm started getting more and more people with different purposes. Player will play a role as one of the trained soldiers, conducting by Renatus, who will gradually become the key person in saving the Viphon.

The concept of League of Magic is based on Magic of the Gather, combines with the characteristics of leveling and equipment from MTG, and further developed a whole new trading card game. The game not only conserves the balancing factor of card collection games, but also adds the sense of upgrade mechanism for game characters as this game is also considering for beginners to easily get start and have fun.

[Exciting PvP System]
This game also supports PvP mode, although the opponents are played by only computer in current version. The developers say the multi-player modes will release in near future when the game growth and profits reach to expectation. In this PvP system, player can enter the system which will randomly choose another player’s character who has nearly equal strength to you. In this mode, the game will need more deliberative strategies and getting more challenge to get high score.

[Multi-player fighting]
One specialty of League of Magic is allowed more than two fighters in a battle. It means that there is not only the traditional one-on-one fighting, but also one-on-more play, or even more-on-more fighting. In some advanced chapters, players need to use a series of combination of cards and separate their work as tank and healer in order to beat enemies. In this case, cooperating with friends as a team-work is therefore become one of specialties to get more fun!

The game introduced the concept of “cycle value” instead of typically using “land” or “mana crystal”; cards can be cycled, meanwhile, converted as mana when player ran out of mana but still have enough action points. This mechanism, unlike typical TCG games, results faster in each combat since there is no “warm-up” time, and more suitable for mobile devices. Moreover, players just need to decide the order of card using instead complicated fighting process. This simplified process will provide players easy but intriguing experience of card collection game. Players will have significant different results with just a little adjusted in card combination.

[Varies cards]
There are over 200 different of cards designed for this game. Every card is unique and elaborated. There will continuously be added more cards to produce newfangled experience to players.

[Exchange card with friends]
In League of Magic, trading system is added to offer opportunities to have dream cards. If you rarely or often draw a lottery of desired cards, you can buy or sell cards with your game-mates. However, the trading system has its rules, ex. bounded by player’s level, trading cool-down, processing fee, to protect players from malicious use of trading system.

《Offical website League of Magic》http://www.lordsmithstudio.com.tw/LeagueOfMagic/
《Fan site of League of Magic》https://www.facebook.com/LeagueOfMagic.en

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