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Pet Care Tips App provide you full and complete information about care-taking of your beautiful and lovely pets.
In Pet Care Tips App we provide general information, how to take care of your pet. Following information we mention in this section.
General Pet Care Tips:
• How allergen free room
• Limit fabrics
• How to vacuum pet room
• Install an air purifier
• Use anti allergen room sprays
• Dust cleaning
• Washable beds
Dog Care Tips:
• Feeding
• Exercise
• Grooming
• Handling
• Housing
• Fleas and Ticks
• Medicines and Poisons
• Spaying and Neutering
• Vaccinations
• Dog Supply Checklist
• The Scoop on poop
Cat Care Tips:
• Feeding
• Grooming
• Handling
• Housing
• Identification
• Scratching
• Health
• Vaccinations
• Cat Supply Checklist
• Etc.…
Parrot Care Tips:
• Water Requirements
• Diet and Nutrition
• Bathing preferences
• Natural Light needs
• Sleep needs
• Proper Cage size
• Toys
• Routine care
• Safety and Emergencies
• First Aid kit
• Etc.…
Horse Care Tips:
• Nutritional needs
• How much food enough
• Spaying and Neutering
• Vaccinations and Deworming
• Housing, Rest and Exercise
• Weather
• Hoof care
• Teeth
• Etc.…

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