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"Flash Notifications" application flashes flash when a call, new message
-You Have missed calls notification messages and another for the reasons: a small bell, silent mode, in the dark, driving
- Flash Notifications will help you solve the problem, no longer worry about missed calls, important announcements.
- Flash Notifications also provide additional special functions: Flashing lights flash when there are call, notification from other applications in the phone absolutely free.
✔ Feature
★ Flashing lights when a call comes in
★ Flashing lights when there is a message to
★ Flashing lights when there are call,notification from other applications in the phone
The light flashes for users to install:
★ Install flashing when a call
★ Install flashing when there is a message
★ Install quick blink slowly as you like
★ Set the time for the message to blink
★ Install flashing turn with the normal mode, vibration, silence the phone
★ Install blink off when the battery is less than the percentage that users want
★ sensitivity settings over a period of time the user wants
★ Install flashing with other applications in the phone
★ Totally Free
★ No Ads
★ interface material design standards

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