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Annoy your friends & family with over 350+ of the most irritating annoying sound effects and noises we could find for your amusement.

If you've every wanted to annoy your parents, wife, kids, work colleagues and anyone else within earshot, then this app might be your answer to your dreams. Contains pitch, filter and volume alterations. Looping and simultaneous playing of annoying sounds effects with simple controls. Best of all its FREE, so download Sounds Annoying now and starting annoying.

A sample of some of the annoying sounds included:

- Door Bells
- Dentist Drill
- Barking Dogs
- Babies Crying
- Fire Alarm
- Screaming
- Level Crossing
- Farting
- Sneezing
- Burping
- TV Static
- And many more irritating sounds

Premium App Features :-

- An additional massive 250 sound effects instantly available
- Record Your Own Sound Effects. Playback your friends voice recording with a high pitch to make them sound like a chipmunk, or a low pitch to make them sound scary!
- Customisable Playlists
- Advert free

With one of the largest sound effects library's available in an app, you will be sure to find something that will annoy the heck out of your victim! Download Today and START ANNOYING!!!

*** For those of you that can't hear anything, please make sure your phone isn't on mute, and the volume is up! ***

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