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Soothing Sounds is the ultimate soundscape app that and can help reduce stress and provides a relaxing atmosphere for activities such as yoga, tai-chi, pilates, meditation and sleeping. Soothing Sounds doesn't just use simple looping samples like other relaxation apps; it contains state of the art technology to create soundscapes fully controllable by the one person who matters, YOU.

• Do you have a problem sleeping?
• Need to Relax?
• Do you find that you tend to fall asleep better when it is raining outside?
• Have you noticed how babies find it easier to fall asleep with the sound of a fan or motor running in the background?
• Have some of your most relaxing moments in life been spent sitting on a beach listening to the sounds of ocean waves?

This app has been designed to be the most advanced soundscape generator available on the Google Play Store. It has a fully customisable sound library so you’ll never hear the same 10 seconds of sound. Complete with configurable volume and intensity levels so you can finely tune your scenes to your own personal preferences.

Our app incorporates real sounds from nature to block out irritating noises, help prevent and ease the problems associated with tinnitus and create a soothing sleep atmosphere so you can relax and fall asleep better.

Features include:

• Easy and intuitive to use with a first time tutorial.
• Many unique and fully configurable sounds, effects and music.
• Contains 30+ prebuilt soundscapes to get you started.
• 10 relaxing music tracks created by the renowned mediation composer Dr.Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
• Create your own soundscapes. Save them and share them with your friends through iTunes file sharing.
• Universal app - use it on both your phone & tablet.
• Change the volume and intensity of each sound – For example the intensity of a fire can range from a small log fire to a roaring beach fire. Add the occasional bird sound, or make it sound like you’re surrounded by a flock! Save combinations of intensity levels and various sounds as scenes which can be easily replayed to recreate a mood or scenario.
• Can be played in the background and while you use other apps.
• Featuring clinically proven sleep sounds from scientists and doctors working in the field of sleep science.
• Contains Binaural sounds to help improve concentration as well as relaxation.
• Low level frequency sounds that can improve health and wellness.
• Includes 3 audio effects that allow you to transform each soundscapes to make them even more relaxing.
• Contains a sleep timer and alarm.
• Can assist with improved quality sleep, enhance your focus and concentration and feel more alert and comfortable throughout the day.
• High fidelity sounds that can be played through your docking station.

Sounds include:
Park, Wind Chime, Plane Cabin, Steam train, Binaural , Rain, Ocean, Wind, Waterfall, Underwater, Flowing water, City sounds, White noise, Thunder, Rain on a roof, Birds, Seagulls, Heartbeat, Whales, Crickets, Binaural, Cats, Frogs , Grandfather clock,

Download today and start enjoying the benefits of better relaxation.

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